Webinar: Boost your international career with a 3 month program in Bangkok

18th of February / 2016
17:00h Amsterdam/ 16:00h London/ 11:00h New York/ 23:00h Bangkok

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University of Business and International Studies

No other region in the world developed so quickly those last 20 years. What amazes the visitor is the dynamism and the entrepreneurship spirit in that region which reflect of course in the growth rate. How to know better the region? How to identify job opportunities in or linked with ASEAN? How to differentiate on the job market with such skills, experience and network?


This is what the UBIS / BSM Study Abroad Program offers: A UNIQUE LIFE and LEARNING EXPERIENCE in ASIA.


The ASEAN Business Learning Experience program intends to promote regional and global understanding about ASEAN countries from the perspective of ASEAN along with increasing the international community’s awareness about ASEAN’s common historical, cultural, and regional identity, consequently providing a well-balanced perspective in ASEAN studies.


This 3 month program in Bangkok is designed for students, individuals, professionals, and practitioners from all walks of life who are interested to pursue an intensive type short-term internationally-oriented professional development experience and use the newly acquired ASEAN skills, experience and network to enhance their career or find a job.


During this webinar you will learn: 

  • Course structure of the program
  • Admission requirements and process
  • How this short course can help you boost your future
  • Why the focus on Emerging markets?


*The cost of the short course is 7.000 USD. 



Speaker1 Photo Alexander Pulte Dean
Speaker2 Photo Quentin Randaxhe Head of Admissions
Speaker3 Photo Samareh Astaraki Alumna

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