Webinar: Join the Bayreuth International Summer School in Germany! - Novel Materials and Technologies...

14th of April / 2015
17:00h Amsterdam/ 16:00h London/ 11:00h New York/ 20:30h New Delhi

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University of Bayreuth

Course: Novel Materials and Technologies for Future Energy Systems


We’re offering you an unforgettable 2-week summer school experience in Bavaria!


Why don’t you join us? The faculty teaching the Novel Materials and Technologies for Future Energy Systems course as well as the students attending come from all over the world. You will experience a multicultural atmosphere!


During this summer course, global challenges in future energy trends are analysed though a combination of different global perspectives by the faculty from our partner universities


Our business school is ranked among the Top 10 in all of German speaking Europe and #6 in Germany! The University of Bayreuth is #1 in the A. v. Humboldt-Research ranking and the 3rd best German University in the Times Higher Education ranking 100 under 50.


Bayreuth has an exciting state-of-the-art campus university right down the street from the vibrant historic city and surrounded by the beautiful nature of northern Bavaria.


We invite you to participate in two major cultural events as well as in a weekend trip to Berlin and to the UNESCO World Heritage Town of Bamberg.The course will take place from July 6 – 17, 2015 in Bayreuth, Germany.


 During this webinar you will learn:

  • Why to choose the University of Bayreuth for your Summer School experience
  • How the courses are structured and who the guest professors are
  • Application procedure and entry requirements
  • Details on social program, evening activities and excursions

 During this Summer School course you will learn:

  • Advanced knowledge of renewable energy technologies and future trends for polymers
  • Important aspects of energy: its efficient conversion, for example from heat to electricity, and its storage to retain energy in periods of abundance for periods of increased demand
  • Practical experience of fabrication and modern processing techniques in the polymer industry
  • Identification of trends and sustainability as well as challenges and modern technical solutions
  • Professional presentation skills in a global academic context
  • Get to know the European and German education systems


Speaker1 Photo Dr. Arnim Heinemann Director of International Office
Speaker2 Photo Michael Schneider International Cooperations
Speaker3 Photo Amandeep Saini Welcome Services
Speaker4 Photo Julia Debski Student Project Coordinator 2014

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