Webinar: Using the economic fundamentals of supply and demand to grow academic programs

20th of September / 2016
15:00h Amsterdam/ 8:00h Mexico City/ 9:00h New York/ 19:30h New Delhi

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Institutions often look at internal factors when creating and promoting new academic programs. While internal factors such as academic strength, faculty willingness, and institutional brand attributes are all very critical, it's also important to look at the economic dynamics of student demand and market supply.


Investing in programs that are desired by prospective students and in a strong competitive position ensure growth and long-term return. Online search behaviors are a strong indicator of market demand and can provide an institution with critical insights as decisions are made regarding programs and initiatives.

Our webinar will provide you with actionable insights and best practices related to evaluating your current programs as well as planning for new programs. You'll learn how to use online search data to assess program viability and make important decisions about future investments. Join Blackboard and StudyPortals as we share best practices and offer guidance as you plan for growth.


During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to evaluate your current programs
  • How to plan for introducing new programs
  • How to best use online search data to assess program viability
  • Best practices to use when introducing a new program.


Speaker1 Photo Christina Fleming Sr. Director, Blackboard Enrollment Services
Speaker2 Photo Thijs van Vugt Director Analytics & Consulting Team, StudyPortals
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