Webinar: The global rise of foundation programmes

23rd of June / 2016
10:00h Amsterdam/ 9:00h London/ 13:30h New Delhi/ 16:00h Beijing

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Cambridge English

There are currently over 1,500 foundation of pathways programmes around the world, and their existence and growth is mostly due to the rise in international mobility over the past decade. Why have these programmes become so popular over the past years, and why are universities introducing them at a larger scale? 


Our main goal is to explore the main benefits and challenges universities have when setting up pathway programmes, which will be addressed by StudyPortals and Cambridge English that have conducted the first global research into this growing higher education phenomenon. Steve Rawlings from INTO Global is joining to add insights about the regional differences between the UK and US pathway programmes. 


During this webinar, we will explore the current distribution of foundation and pathway programmes, and uncover:

  • What are pathway programmes?
  • What subjects appeal to students?
  • What are the main differences between programmes in the US vs. UK?
  • What are the entry requirements and how do they differ per region?
  • How much do the programmes cost?
  • Who are the main providers?
  • What are the main benefits for universities starting pathways or foundation programmes?
  • What are the main challenges in setting up these programmes?
  • What is next? What are the future trends?



Speaker1 Photo Rob Jansen Product Director PreparationCoursesPortal, StudyPortals
Speaker2 Photo Nicola Johnson Global Manager, Recognition Cambridge English Language Assessment
Speaker3 Photo Steve Rawlings Head of Digital at INTO Global
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