Webinar: International student recruitment - how well are you doing? Part 1: Growing enrolments from India and Sri Lanka

26th of May / 2016
13:00h Amsterdam/ 12:00h London/ 16:30h Colombo/ 16:30h New Delhi

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This is the first of a series of Webinars developed to assist you grow recruitment from select international markets. India and Sri Lanka are both experiencing fast growing student demand for higher education, both delivered at home as well as internationally. The international demand is primarily for postgraduate studies although there is also interest in undergraduate programmes. For example over the last 2 or 3 years Indian student enrolments in many leading destination countries is up by over 30%. 


Are you experiencing similar success? 

This webinar is intended for both newcomers to these markets as well as for colleagues with some experience. The Webinar presenters will also make available tailored information and hand outs to assist participants in their recruitment strategies. 


Key learning outcomes: 

While the overall outcome of the webinar is to increase enrolments form the countries, the specific outputs include:

  • An enhanced understanding of the evolving demand for international study from each country;
  • The considerations for developing market entry and market development strategies;
  • Understanding the motivations and influences on students as they make their choices of study destinations;
  • How partnerships can lead to growth - and some unintended benefits;
  • Examples of success, and some failures - and why;


Speaker1 Photo Dr. Neil Kemp Neil Kemp Education
Speaker2 Photo Carmen Neghina Head of Intelligence, StudyPortals
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