Webinar: From Enquiries to Enrolment: how to sell higher education?

28th of July / 2016
15:00h Amsterdam/ 8:00h Mexico City/ 9:00h New York/ 19:30h New Delhi

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In today's competitive environment international marketing & recruitment are becoming more and more important to universities across the globe. The reality, however, is that most universities are doing very little marketing, but a lot of recruiting, which in fact is nothing else but sales!


We believe that sales is an appropriate term and proper sales skills are essential for all staff involved in student recruitment. The word "sales" very often conjures up images of car salesmen and evening phone calls from telesales people, but selling education does not even come close to that for various reasons.

This webinar will focus on the sales skills needed to be successful in helping students make the right decision, such as speed to contact, listening and questioning skills, objection handling and closing.


During this webinar you will learn:

  • Key learning points / takeaways
  • The realization that we are selling higher education, that it is not a four letter word
  • Sales skills needed: speed to contact, listening, questioning, empathy
  • Tools needed: CRM database, headsets, noise reduction, etc.
  • KPIs for success: calls per day, time per call, etc.


Speaker1 Photo Thijs van Vugt Director Analytics and Consulting Team, StudyPortals
Speaker2 Photo Preben Sperling Managing Partner Providentiae
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