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15th of January / 2014

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NHH - Norwegian School of Economics

Do you believe energy challenges will have an increasing impact on the business world? Being an energy nation, few places are better than Norway for studying business within the energy sector.



The goal of the MSc in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment is to educate the next generation of interdisciplinary managers in the study of energy and natural resource development and their environmental impact. Through topical clusters and independent projects, the curriculum provides an opportunity to extend and deepen the areas of investigation and understanding to satisfy the intellectual interests of each student.The programme broadly focuses on four main subject areas:


  • Economic fundamentals of energy and natural resource value chains.
  • Business/government interactions in commercial energy and natural resource development.
  • Strategic responses to more competitive energy and natural resource markets.
  • Environmental impact of business and government decisions.


As a NHH-student you will also enjoy benefits like:

  • No tuition fees (state funded).
  • Guaranteed accommodation.
  • Granted work permission.
  • Free Norwegian language courses.
  • International career center.
  • The possibility to combine your MSc with excellent international opportunities, such as exchange programs, Double Degree programs and CEMS – Master in International Management.


Speaker1 Photo Gunnar Eskeland NHH Professor
Speaker2 Photo Lisa Olson NHH-alumni (Energy Analyst, Electric and Fuels Procurement)
Speaker3 Photo Torolf Myklebust Admission officer

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