Webinar: Start your future career within the international world of Finance at Mälardalen University in Sweden!

4th of October / 2016
17:00h Amsterdam/ 12:00h New York/ 19:00h Moscow/ 21:30h New Delhi

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Mlardalen University

Mälardalen University in Sweden is recruiting students with high ambitions, looking for a solid base to a future career within the international world of Finance. Is that a description of you? Join our webinar and learn more about the unique Bachelor’s program in Analytical Finance.

The program focuses on Financial Mathematics and computer-based methods of Financial Analysis. You will learn to see the economy from different perspectives, from Accounting to Risk Analysis in financial markets and the management of financial portfolios. The Bachelor's in Analytical Finance is entirely taught in English, giving you extra preparation for the globalised job market.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What knowledge will our program in Analytical Finance provide you
  • Why Mälardalen University is so highly rated among students
  • How the application process works

*This webinar is intended for students from America, Asia and Africa. The total cost for this bachelor's degree for non-european students is 31,638€.



Speaker1 Photo Anatoliy Malyarenko Professor
Speaker2 Photo Shedrack Lutembecka Student

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