Webinar: Optimize your knowledge in modern production and logistics by specializing in Product and Process Development at Mälardalen University in Sweden

21st of September / 2016
17:00h Amsterdam/ 11:00h New York/ 19:00h Moscow/ 21:30h New Delhi

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Mlardalen University

Production and logistics are key components for successful industries, and optimising the processes requires expert knowledge and skills. When studying the Master’s program in Product and Process Development – Production and Logistics at Mälardalen University, Sweden, you will obtain the ability to analyse, evaluate and optimise solutions in modern production and logistics systems.

Mälardalen University is renowned for our modern approach towards teaching, and classes are kept small to ensure the optimal professor-student knowledge transfer. We conduct advanced research within Innovation and Product Realisation (IPR), a multidisciplinary research unit with a unique combination of research in art and design, engineering, and innovation/entrepreneurship.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What skills, training and knowledge you will obtain by taking our Master’s program in Product and Process Development
  • Why Mälardalen University is so highly rated among students
  • How we work together with the industry to make you attractive on the job market

*This webinar is intended for students from America, Asia and Africa with a Bachelor’s degree in Technology, Engineering, Economics, Business or Science.


Speaker1 Photo Antti Salonen Program coordinator
Speaker2 Photo Pratikchandra J. Vasava Student

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