Webinar: How to build a successful career in International Business and Entrepreneurship - Join Mälardalen University in Sweden!

27th of September / 2016
17:00h Amsterdam/ 11:00h New York/ 18:00h Moscow/ 20:30h New Delhi

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Mlardalen University

Are you looking for a great start to your future career? Did you know that Sweden is one of the leading countries when it comes to education? The Bachelor's program in International Business Management at Mälardalen University, in Sweden, will provide you with both theoretical and practical skills and tools essential to both a corporate career as well as a career as an entrepreneur.


The University's unique cooperation with multinational companies and partnership with Universities all over the world will pave the way for you. Mälardalen University will challenge you with a modern approach to teaching, which you will encounter through the various teaching methods used. Join our webinar to learn more!

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How the International Business Management program will enable a great future career
  • Why the University and the program is rated so high by the students
  • About partner Universities where you can spend one or two semesters
  • How and when to apply


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*This webinar is intended for students from America, Asia and Africa. The total cost for this Bachelor's Degree for non-European students is 31,638€.


Speaker1 Photo Jonas Truedsson Lecturer / Head of School Administration
Speaker2 Photo Suheir Al-askari Student

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