Webinar: Become a genius in Computer Science with Mälardalen University

20th of October / 2016
17:00h Amsterdam/ 10:00h Mexico City/ 11:00h New York/ 19:00h Moscow

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Mlardalen University

The growth and influence of software in business and our daily lives have been phenomenal. Software engineering deals with design and development of high quality software systems and hence it is an increasingly important area in computer science. 

Computer Science is the common foundation creating the base for two of our greatest programs, Master’s in Software Engineering and Master’s in Intelligent Embedded Systems. In these programmes you will acquire profound knowledge and excellent expertise in engineering software-intensive systems, which imply the ability to cope with complexity in designing, verifying and implementing such systems globally. 

Mälardalen University in Sweden will challenge you with a modern approach to teaching, which you will encounter through the various teaching methods used. The atmosphere at the university is friendly and classes are small, to ensure the best professor-student interaction and knowledge transfer.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Which skills and knowledge you will gain by studying our programs
  • Why our programs will make you attractive on the job market and how we collaborate with industry
  • Why Mälardalen University is so highly rated among students


Speaker1 Photo Jan Carlson Program Coordinator SE
Speaker2 Photo Adnan Causevic Program Coordinator IES
Speaker3 Photo Jayasoorya Jayanthi Surendran Nair Student at the Master’s Programme in Intelligent Embedded Systems

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