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Laurea is a University of Applied Sciences for the whole region of Uusimaa, and its knowledge and skills are available to the whole area. Our service promise "We are here for you at Laurea" is a promise of good learning for our students, and for our cooperative partners a promise of partnership and developing together. The basis for the quality management system in Laurea UAS is the cycle of continuous improvement: Plan – Do – Check – Act. The cycle of continuous improvement in Laurea is realised in accordance with the following philosophy: Plan refers to the basis of operational planning. Do refers to the description of processes and acting in accordance with them. Check refers to operational monitoring and evaluation using set indicators. Act refers to the implementation and documentation of development measures selected based on monitoring, evaluation and feedback data as well as monitoring the effectiveness of these measures.

Laurea University of Applied Sciences

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With around 7800 students, Laurea is one of the biggest UAS's in Finland. The campuses are located around Finland's capital, Helsinki. Laurea ...

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