Webinar: As a leader, are you making effective decisions?

14th of February / 2013

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IE Business School

How Positive Leadership is translating science to help individuals and their organizations think and perform at their best.

Leadership is fundamentally about behavior. Behavior exerts its influence on how we motivate and manage, work in teams, communicate new initiatives, formulate objectives, and make judgments and decisions. Compelling evidence from behavioral science has revealed a reality that is difficult for many people to accept: When it comes to leading and making decisions, we are all innately biased, and even worse – most of us have little or no awareness of this fact. By understanding the limitations of our mindware we can re-architect our behaviors and the way we work, enhance the ability to be more effective in the workplace, and lead others with success. 

IE Business School ranked number 1 in Europe by Financial Times in December 2012,believes that the science of human behavior and positive leadership will fundamentally change business strategy and management, and is investing efforts to be in the forefront of this uncharted area. IE´s Executive Master in Positive Leadership & Strategy incorporates mindware training and strength-based development to shift the focus of professional development from filling gaps, to leveraging strengths as a way to optimize individual and team performance to accomplish extraordinary results. 

This new science and research clearly indicates that the psychological well-being of employees and the financial well-being of companies are closely linked . Employees who are happy and engaged are 30% more productive, their sales are about 35% higher, and see significant boosts in creativity and innovation.


Speaker1 Photo Lee Newman Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences at IE University and IE Business School

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