Webinar: Study a Master’s in Control Systems Engineering and do your projects within the Dutch industry

6th of May / 2014

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HAN University of Applied Sciences

Control systems are part of our everyday life. No oil is refined without control systems, no refrigerator will cool, nor will a car drive without control systems. Advanced control is found everywhere in our society, sometimes recognized immediately, but mostly inherently present in the background. 


Objective of the professional Master Control Systems Engineering at HAN University of Applied Sciences (MCSE) is to educate how to design and implement such control systems. In some more detail: applying scientific principles in order to make systems work as required.


The program focuses on advanced control applications used in industry, such as optimal and model predictive control systems and multi-variable non-linear control solutions. The approach within the program is both theoretical and practical, with a focus on applied research.


The projects (e.g. master thesis) can be realized within or in cooperation with the industry, mainly in the Netherlands. Register here to join our informative webinar. We´ll provide you with details regarding the academic program, including programme content and career prospects. You get the chance to listen to the programme coordinator as well as to a student of the study. Afterwards you get the chance to ask your personal questions.


Speaker1 Photo Peter Ypma Program manager
Speaker2 Photo Hatim Mala Student

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