Webinar: Real growth is through infrastructure development – PGD Infrastructure Management

22nd of May / 2014

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Dakshin Institute

With a proud notion of being the only school in India to offer an activity in Infrastructure Management, Dakshin institute of management sciences offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Infrastructure Management that takes you through the entire spectrum of Infrastructure and allow you to specialize in two streams: Project Feasibility and Financing and Project Execution. 


Each subject is taught by subject matter expert. For e.g Railways is taught by railway board officials. We have at least 6 case studies per subject and evaluations are ongoing basis in terms of innovative solutions and critical thinking adopted.


People from developing countries and underdeveloped countries will benefit a lot from this course and students from developing countries can replicate the models and practise consultancy as a profession.

Register for this webinar to obtain insights about:

  • What is Infrastructure and the Planning for it.
  • How do you achieve Financial closures within one country and with multiple countries.
  • Contracts management, Tender, claims management, non performance protocols, developing infrastructure corridors and Mega city planning.
  • Understanding the impact of infrastructure planning and development on countries development.
  • Immense opportunities for Internships and Employability after pursuing the course.


Speaker1 Photo Mr.Chodur K.Chandresekar Head- Information Technology
Speaker2 Photo Dr. G Balasubramanian Head-General Management
Speaker3 Photo Dr. Varadarajan.R Head- Infrastructure Management

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