About us

Welcome to The Study Abroad Portal!

The Study Abroad Portal is the perfect place for universities and business schools to promote their different programmes that are open to international students, either by adding their programs to the database for free, or by doing a live informative study abroad webinar (online open day) reaching a large number of potential students. 

This portal is owned by Web2Present S.L. which was founded by Luuk Mulling, a Dutchman, and Rasmus Weissfeld, a Dane, on a warm October day in 2010. Both companies are based in Sunny Barcelona.

Luuk Mulling and Rasmus Weissfeld onOur Motivation

The motivation behind TheStudy Abroad Portal is to create The leading go-to place for students all over the world looking to study abroad. For students the portal offers information about interesting study abroad programmes, free live and recorded informative study abroad webinars (online open days) and a lot of tips and tricks to studying abroad.

Our Values

Our values guide the way we work with the students, customers, business partners and with each other. Our values are part of our DNA. Acting in accordance with our beliefs and values will keep us on the right course, and will continually increase our strength as a company. The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization: 

 Customer Value          Flexibility        Innovation        Urgency       Sustainability  

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals from 12 different countries from all around the world. The cultural diversity of our team helps us to understand the different behaviours from all around the world and also contributes with a responsible, fun and young working environment. Our team is made up of right brains, and left brains professionals, all working hard to offer international students the perfect place to find all the information about schools, educational programmes and online open days. 

Meet the friendly faces behind The Study Abroad Portal!   


Luuk Mulling  
Co-Founder, Responsible for Marketing and Production


Rasmus Weissfeld  
Co-Founder, Responsible for Sales and HR


Carolina Vargas  
Senior Online Marketing Manager

Untitled design

Clementina Palacios  


Andrés Soares
Senior Student Recruitment Manager



Jazmin Marchese 
Senior Student Recruitment Manager 

Untitled design 2

Martí Aymà   
Social Media and Community Manager

Untitled design 1

Anna Serra
Social Media and Community Manager


Untitled design 3

Simon Burgar
Webinar's Producer


Untitled design 4

Tatjana Mitveska
Social Media and Community Manager Intern 

Untitled design 5

Yerma Parra 
Social Media and Community Manager Intern





Untitled design 6

Carina Alba  
Student Recruitment Manager    LATAM

Untitled design 7

Shreevats Iyer  
Student Recruitment Manager India

Andrew 2

Andrew Gritsaenco  
Student Recruitment Manager Eastern Europe

ELio D

Elio Dedomenici  
Student Recruitment Manager Italy



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